What's In A Name?

Here's a true story.

When people meet my wife and I for the first time, after I leave the room, they often say this:

"Morris...is that a family name?"

Mary answers, "No, it's just the name his mother gave him."

Actually, in the small German farming community where I grew up, there were several men named Morris or versions of Morris. My brothers and sisters all have M names, too. Mike, Mark, Morris, and Mary. My mom is Marge and Dad is Wayne, an upside down M.

In my lifetime, I have been called many things: Morris, Morrie (the small farm town favorite), Mo (stage name and now-prominent nickname), Cute Little Mo(to my brothers' friends and their girlfriends),Mo-Ster (my college nickname), Moey (dubbed by my college roommate), Mo Bandy (Cypress Gardens Ski Days), and Mo Daddy(our current family favorite).

People take liberties to have fun with my name and I'm fine with that. Having a unique name is okay. The book Freakanomics has an entire chapter on why you should be careful when you name your child, but my Mother named me Morris and that's who I am.

So, back to the original question of what's in a name?

I believe that there's equity in a name; real value created by the character and contribution of an individual. And if there's a concept I relate to, it's equity.

For me, my name is my promise. It's my reputation. And I want it to be synonymous with excellence in all aspects of financial planning.

This year, I've spent some time reframing the brand of my practice.

If you received mail or email from me, you may have noticed that I have a new logo. It's a small detail that I hope stands out as a reminder of my deep, personal commitment to you as your wealth manager.

I want you to know that I stand firmly behind my name.

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